Learning The Art of Text Flirting

Text Flirting

Mastering Text Flirting: How to Win a Girl Over With Ease

You finally got that hot girl's number, now what? Do you know how to seduce women by texting? It helps to have some idea what kind of sense of humor she has and it can't hurt to know how amenable she'll be to sexual innuendo.

Text Messaging is very convenient. With a single press of the 'Send' button, you can now flirt with women that you have been interested in for quite some time. There are no demands involved, no pressure, and it is one of the most convenient ways to flirt today.

If you are interested in learning how to flirt via text messaging, you should take note of some of the best text flirting tips for guys that are listed below:

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Never Text All the Time - This is one of the text flirting tips for guys that you should ensure that you follow. Texting a woman all the time would appear that you are stalking her. Rather, you should send her funny and short text messages, which also have hints of flirtation in them. You will catch her interest by making the texts playful, straight, witty and short.

No Grammatical Errors - Texting using proper grammar will probably sound weird to you; however, it will show that you are smart. Most women are turned on by smart guys; therefore, you should display this in your text messages.

Keep it Simple - Try your best to avoid informing her of your entire schedule. This will definitely be a turn off for her, and it will also seem that you are too eager. Instead, have fun and answer and ask questions where appropriate.

Take it Easy - This is another one of the text flirting tips that you should always bear in mind. If for some reason she stops texting you, do not pester her with additional text messages. Just keep your cool. You should also keep in mind that she may be busy, and that her world does not only revolve around texting you. If after two or three messages you get no response, let it be.

Have Fun - This one of the best text flirting tips for guys. When you flirt via text messaging, it is more likely that you will enjoy yourself more, due to the fact that the environment is less stressful. You do not have to worry about maintaining eye contact, or thinking about what you say so that you do not sound stupid. Text messaging is more enjoyable.

Everything just said are suggestions, not rules. Be able to go with the flow and do what works for her. Every woman is different and so is the interaction you create with her. Remember that something said in person with a certain facial expression or tone of voice doesn't always translate well when text flirting. Keep that in mind along with understanding that text flirting should be secondary to in-person interaction.
Girls are emotional creatures. If you can reach her on an emotional level, you can get her hooked. This is relatively easy to do with text messages. Remember when flirting with a girl over text that females aren't visual creatures like guys are. No pics, that isn't flirting.
If you are texting her good morning sexy forget it. She hears that from all the guys, especially if she is hot. Don't send those boring lame texts that she gets from all the other guys. She will just roll her eyes. If you are sending her details of your day or asking about hers, this is not flirting either. That's conversation. If you are going to flirt with a girl over texts, forget the conversations or the perpetual all day long texts.

If you text her too much, it's a huge attraction killer. Less is more. If you are texting her throughout the day, she is going to get bored. Don't confuse constant contact with a connection or attraction and it's certainly not flirting.
Magnetic Messaging
There are certain tips that you will need to follow when texting a girl you like. Every guy needs to know how to talk to girls, and when you learn some of these things even you will be surprised as to what can happen. There are a lot of different ways to flirt through text messaging, but you will want to start with sending short simple messages like "Hey there", just to let her know you're interested.

Play it Cool

Not going overboard is something that will be very important, so you will need to remember to limit how often you text the girls you want to get with. Remember that most girls like guys who are assertive but not desperate, so keep in mind that you will need to play it cool most of the time. Sending her jokes every once in a while is another good idea you might want to consider, because it will make her laugh and she will know you care enough to send it to her.

Use Emoticons

Emoticons are great for flirting because that can convey a lot of different emotions, everything from happiness to silliness. You will want to remember to use them when they apply, so look at what your phone offers in the way of emoticons. They just might end up getting you a date with the girl you like.

Ask Her Questions

When you are sending the girl you like text messages, make sure to ask her things about herself like favorite hobbies, foods, music, etc. This will give you all the information you will need so when you finally have a date with her you will know exactly where to go and how to act. Girls usually like it when they get the chance to talk about themselves with guys, so always remember to ask her these types of questions when texting.

Text flirting can be a big part of your dating arsenal if done correctly. Use it often and use it right and you will reap the benefits.

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